Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life On Purpose

A meditation and a post at the same time.  Not sure if this will work, but here goes!  I will type what comes through me...may not make sense, but listen through your heart and maybe it will.

Awareness.  Right now I am becoming aware of where I am at by becoming quiet in my mind.  It is amazing how we distract ourselves and get 'busy' with nothing at all.  Sounds kind of funny, but it is oh so true! Why are we not content with silence?  What shows up when we allow that quiet to pierce through the noise that we live with day in and day out?

I am very aware of the cold that is creeping into my body.  I can feel my lungs and my sinuses.  They certainly have my attention!  Sleep deprivation no doubt has something to do with my newly acquired illness.  Hmm!

My voice is the next awareness that I am experiencing.  Double hmm!  What is that all about?  Trust.  That is the word that is coming to mind.  Oh, that is such a big one for me right now!  Trust in myself.  Trust that my voice is needed.

At this point I am trying to not clutter my mind with, what the heck does that mean??

Life on purpose.  Oh, back to the beginning.  My life purpose is in service to others...but my voice has been quiet.  I guess that doesn't work, does it?  What have I been learning through the silence?


That should be what this post is about.  You are on your path, you are here with purpose, now live your life on purpose!!

Plain and simple?  I hope so!  My mind clutter would like to ask a million questions right now, thank you very much!!


Express from the heart.  Feel my heart radiate.  Now that is a much better feeling than the creeping in of a cold!

I guess I will see what is going to show up when I listen through my heart.

With Love,

p.s. Let me know if you tried this too.  I would love to hear what showed up for you!

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